Identification of value messages and core claims for healthcare platforms and pharmaceutical products.

Datatherapy has experts in Scientific and Medical Affairs capable of developing value messages and core claims for pharmaceutical products that are useful for disseminating scientific data and raising awareness and engagement among healthcare professionals. This medical plan is based on the following pillars:

1. In-depth knowledge of the product based on scientific evidence: mechanism of action, pharmacokinetic profile, approved indications, off-label use, side effects, overall safety profile, clinical trial results, real-world evidence, and advantages over other existing treatments (competitive environment).

2. Identification of the target audience/professionals: segmentation of healthcare professionals based on universally accepted metrics (e.g., peer-reviewed journal publications).

3. Definition of key message focusing on customer needs (product efficacy, safety, competitive advantages, cost-benefit relationship, etc.).

4. Construction of messages based on critical analysis of available scientific evidence (indexed medical databases and non-indexed scientific literature [e.g., communications in international congresses]), as well as expert opinions (key opinion leaders) when applicable.

5. Internal validation of messages with the client’s cross-functional teams, including professionals from Medical Affairs, commercial, marketing, communication, legal, and public affairs, among others. The entire process aims to ensure that the messages are consistent with the company’s overall strategy and comply with its regulations and guidelines.

6. Development of supporting materials: In addition to value messages/core claims, materials are created to support these concepts with concrete data, graphics, infographics, and validated bibliographic references.

7. Training and capacity building for the client’s multidisciplinary team representatives.

8. Updating value messages/core claims on-demand from the client and always based on scientific evidence.