Scientific listening and data mining & apply augmentation

Through social media analysis tools, we can measure scientific topics and subtopics mentions, hashtags, reach, impressions, or even sentiment. Share of Scientific Voice (SoSV) strategy helps to understand how well the client´s scientific topics and subtopics of interest are performing.

Real World KOL Mapping

We accomplish with the key opinion leaders mapping process following these steps:

  • Project Definition: topics identification and scope based on our discussion with the client.
  • Application of Machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) proceedings for identifying topics and subtopics (data collection).
  • Data analysis: integration, augmentation, processing, distillation and clustering.
  • Key opinion leaders (KOL) identification based on topics on interests.

Identification of value messages and core claims for healthcare platforms and pharmaceutical products.

Datatherapy has experts in Scientific and Medical Affairs capable of developing value messages and core claims for pharmaceutical products that are useful for disseminating scientific data and raising awareness and engagement among healthcare professionals. This medical plan is based on the following pillars:

  • In-depth knowledge of the product based on scientific evidence.
  • Identification of the target audience/professionals.
  • Definition of key message focusing on customer needs.
  • Construction of messages based on critical analysis of available scientific evidence as well as key opinion leaders when applicable.
  • Internal validation of messages with the client’s cross-functional teams.
  • Development of supporting materials.
  • Training and capacity building for the client’s multidisciplinary team representatives.
  • Updating value messages/core claims on-demand from the client and always based on scientific evidence.

Medical to Medical Resources.

Our products and services in Medical Affairs are designed to meet healthcare professionals needs, providing up-to-date and relevant information to enhance medical practice and propel scientific research in the realm of healthcare.

Activities include:

  • Scientific publications and press releases.
  • Coverage of scientific events.
  • Guideline and consensus development.
  • Continuous medical education in healthcare data science.
  • Tailored scientific communication.