Scientific listening and data mining & apply augmentation.

Through social media analysis tools, we can measure scientific topics and subtopics mentions, hashtags, reach, impressions, or even sentiment. Share of Scientific Voice (SoSV) strategy helps to understand how well the client´s scientific topics and subtopics of interest are performing. We accomplish with the SoSV process following these steps:



Step 1: Project Definition (topics identification and scope based on our discussion with the client)
  • Definition of category/topic, subcategories/subtopics.
  • Rules and categories creation
  • Definition of time period


Stage 2: Application of Machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) proceedings for identifying topics and subtopics (data collection)
  • Search strategy construction according to the different social media and scientific data sources included in the analysis


Stage 3: Data Analysis
  • Data integration: results of multiple data sources are integrated. Then, relevant data is filtered in order to make the initial database.
  • Data is augmentation and processing.
  • Data analysis, distillation and clustering: Using machine learning techniques and other methods, data is cleaned, standardized and structured (clustering, normalization and indexing process).


Stage 4: Digital opinion leaders (DOL) identification based on topics on interests
  • Scientific DOL identification I
  • Real world evidence DOL (scientific + social networks/websites)
In all cases we develop:
  • Analysis DOL’s level of influence and connections
  • Stratification of DOLs based on their geographic location, area/sub-area of expertise, and level of influence (scoring system).
  • Continuous monitor and update the DOL mapping project to ensure that it remains relevant and up-to-data.
  • Use advanced analytics and visualization tools (design the user interface or the web-based program) to examine the data and connection of identified DOLs

SoSV is a measurement that is quantitative, not qualitative, so it doesn’t indicate exactly how your topic and/or subtopic is being discussed, but it does show you context, along with who, what, where and when of any and all scientific dissemination.

SoSV also allows medical affairs to determine how the medical plan tactics and measures in terms of scientific data generation and data dissemination are performing.