Real World Data Generation

We develop web-based Clinical Case Registry Programs with the objective to acquire meaningful real-world data to generate real-world support evidence-based practices in healthcare data science.

Electronic Registration Programs

With a rigorous and systematic approach, our Registry Programs promote collaboration among multiple healthcare stakeholders, offering a wide range of functionalities.

Critical analysis of the available evidence

(including systematic literature reviews)

We conducted the medical literature review process following these steps:

  • Stage 1: Definition of the research question, purpose and inclusion/exclusion criteria.
  • Stage 2: Exhaustive data search, including gray literature.
  • Stage 3: Selection of studies and quality assessment.
  • Stage 4: Synthesis of the evidence and drafting of the manuscript.
  • Optional stages: Monitoring and updating, and meta-analysis.

Data analysis services

Datatherapy offers data analysis services to extract meaningful information from large data sets.

Our services include data cleansing, statistical analysis, data visualization and report generation.