Critical analysis of the available evidence

(including systematic literature reviews)


We accomplish with the medical literature review process following these steps:
  • First, we define the research question based on our discussion with the client and consider the purpose and rationale of the review.

  • Then we determine the inclusion and exclusion criteria for selecting studies

  • We choose the databases to search and conduct a comprehensive search either systematic of narrative (integrative), including grey literature.

    • Scientific literature sources:

    • PubMed

    • Embase

    • Scopus

    • Lilacs

    • Cochrane Library

    • CINAHL

    • Web of Science

    • Google Scholar

    • Open Grey

    • Grey Source Index

    • Open DOAR

    • Daedalus (University of Glasgow)

    • Canadia association of Research Libraries

    • World Health Organization

    • Grey Literature Report from the New York Academy of Medicine

  • We review the results and select studies to be included in the review (initial screening by titles and abstracts and final selection based on full text analysis).
  • We assess the quality of each article, using a standardized scoring system in the case of systematic reviews.
  • Then we summarize the evidence and synthesize the information (tables, lists and figures), using advanced analytics and visualization tool.
  • Finally, we write the literature review, either systematic of narrative (integrative) based on the requierement of the target journals prioritized by the client.


  • Optional:
    • Continuously monitor and update the literature review to ensure that it remains relevant and up-to-date.
    • Develop a meta-analysis in case of systematic literature reviews where the heterogeneity among articles selected allows it.